The future of environmental monitoring

About Augvald

At Augvald, we draw on over 30 years’ experience in highly accurate measurement to bring our customers the future of environmental monitoring technology.

In 2017, Norwegian entrepreneur and private investor Sigurd Aase founded Augvald, with a vision to help customers and the environment by building on a long history of successful innovation.

Augvald has headquarters in Haugesund Norway, manufacturing capabilities in Poland, and research and development facilities in Cambridge, UK.

The future:

the next generation
of environmental sensing

Our partners

Augvald has developed an international network of partners, each with their own area of expertise.

Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences partners with Augvald to deliver research on functionalisation materials and sensor testing.

Stanford University
California, USA

The Khuri-Yakub group at Stanford in California were responsible for much of the early development work on the air quality sensors. They continue to support Augvald with work on the sensors and electronics.

CPI Limited
County Durham, UK

CPI Limited work with Augvald on nano deposition and functional layer development for the CMUT sensors.

Fraunhofer IPMS
Dresden, Germany

The Fraunhofer Institute in Dresden works with Augvald on the manufacturing and engineering of the CMUT sensors and associated electronics.