Water Level Sensing

Better data, for you and the environment

The Augvald Nivå level sensor provides actionable data and trend analysis for the water industry, including wastewater, rain overflow, and water treatment facilities.

Our extensive expertise means we offer customers all the data with none of the worry. We can take care of the hardware and ongoing maintenance of the sensors, providing you with the data you need, when you need it.

The Nivå sensor comes in two standard models, non-invasive clamp on and open channel, while the modular design offers users flexible installation options with configurations such as ‘T’ piece insertion and ‘smart’ manhole covers.

The Nivå 
clamp-on device

The Nivå open channel device

The Nivå app offers users seamless set up, configuration and management of the sensor via Bluetooth, as well as clearly displayed data and trends.


Water Level Sensing

Accurate water level measurement, tolerant of surface contamination and foaming

Capacity Measurement

Percentage of pipe filled based on user configurable dimensions

Sedimentation/Lost Capacity Reporting

Reporting ‘resting’ height of the water or sedimentation i.e., percentage pipe capacity reduction

Level-Based Flow Measurement

Based on user configurable dimensions. Optional linearization to reference flowmeter

Fluid Medium Identification

Basic composition of fluid (water, foam, FOG’s etc.)

Measurement Range

Open channel: 50mm-10000mm
clamp-on: 50mm-500mm pipe diameter

Condition Alarms

Surcharge events, blockage, leakage, reduced pipe capacity

Data Logging

Basic legislative required data. User configurable totalisers (min, max, mean, bands)

Health Check Alarms

Battery status, tamper, measurement performance

Power Options

Battery (with optional solar), wired, or via 4-20mA


Inspection Chamber

Our open channel device can be installed into all sizes of inspection chamber using bracketing options to suit your requirements.

This option offers measurement at strategic locations in the pipe network, with easy access and installation.

Bracket Mounted

Our universal mounting bracket offers versatile deployment options.

These include the measurement of open bodies of water with up to 10m of measuring range and flexible options, such as mounting the sensor to the underside of manhole covers.

'T' Piece

The ‘T’ piece configuration allows for measurement across the network. For deeper pipes, the device can be inserted into a longer, 110mm diameter access pipe.

The ‘T’ piece insert allows the sensor to remain accessible in a buried pipe network.


The clamp-on sensor is ideal for new installations, or circumstances where the pipe remains accessible on the surface such as in a processing plant.

This configuration is simple and economic, with easy installation requiring minimal costs.

For more information about the Niva water sensor reach out to us at info@augvald.com or visit our contact page.

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